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    What an exciting time for the Riverside South community!



    The Ottawa Catholic School Board welcomes students and their families to the new St. Francis Xavier High School, opening this Fall 2009 for the first day of school.  

    Located at the intersection of Spratt Road and Limebank Roads, the school will open as a Grade 7 – 11 school. Grade 12 students will remain at their existing schools until the senior grade is added in 2010-2011. 
    Once complete, the new high school will proudly feature state-of-the-art facilities including those for technology, the arts, and sports activities. A comprehensive curriculum offers opportunities for every student to achieve success, while receiving a distinctive education with a special emphasis on spiritual growth.

     Click here for a PDF postcard version of the school opening announcement.

     Click here to view the Information Night presentation of March 31.

    Temporary Office Location
    3740 Spratt Road
    Gloucester, ON  K1V 2M1
    Phone: 613-822-7900
    Fax: 613-822-0214

                                   Peter Atkinson
                                                         Marcello Bottiglia
    Catherine Maguire-Urban

    St. Francis Xavier High School - Transportation Eligibility
    TransportationGrade 7 & 8 students are eligible for transportation if they live beyond 1.6 kms from school. For Grades 9 through 12 students, they must live 3.2 kms or more from the school. Due to safety considerations, temporary transportation may be granted for students inside the current transportation eligibility areas. Click here for more information on Transportation. 

    St. Francis Xavier High School - School Boundary Map
    School Boundary MapsClick here to view the School Boundary Map for St. Francis Xavier (Riverside South). All Grade 7 to11 students residing in the St. Jerome, St. Bernard, and the Leitrim/Findlay Creek area of St. Thomas More School attendance boundaries will be directed to the new school effective at the start of the 2009-2010 school year. If you're not sure whether your child will attend the new high school, please phone the Planning and Facilities Department at 613-224-4455 ext 2321.

    The following students are automatically transferred to the new St. Francis Xavier High School in 2009:

    • Current Grade 6 students residing in the St. Bernard and St. Jerome attendance boundary areas.
    • Current Grade 6 students residing in the St. Thomas More from the Findlay Creek/Leitrim Road area.
    • Current Grade 7-8 students residing in the new St. Francis Xavier attendance area currently attending Frank Ryan Senior Elementary and St. Patrick's Intermediate Schools.
    • Current Grade 7-10 students residing in the new St. Francis Xavier attendance area currently attending St. Mark High School.
    • Current Grade 9-10 students residing in the new St. Francis Xavier attendance area currently attending St. Patrick's High and
      St. Pius X High Schools.

    Click here to view all of the School Boundary Maps for the above noted schools.

    Sod-Turning Ceremony at new Riverside South Catholic High School (September 2008)


    Sod turning studentIt was a beautiful sunny day to gather at the construction site of the new Riverside South Catholic High School (near the intersection of Limebank and Spratt Roads) for the official Sod-Turning Ceremony on September 10, 2008.


    Students from several Board schools joined special guests (such as Pierre Poilievre, MP, Lisa MacLeod, MPP, and Councillor Steve Desroches) to break the ground with shovels and blend the soil taken from the feeder schools with the soil of the new site. Father Geoffrey Kerslake of St. Leonard Parish in Manotick officiated at the ceremony and gave a blessing.


    Chairperson of the Board, Kathy Ablett said, “We feel very proud to be able to build on this site and bring the first high school into this growing area. Thank you to the contractors, architects, Board and City of Ottawa staff who all cooperated on this project.”

    Special thanks to the special guests who attended the ceremony, to the students and staff for their contribution, and to St. Jerome Principal Gerry Gilmore and staff for their assistance in hosting the reception.

    Sod turning photo
    Along with contractors and architects for the new building – left to right: Fred Chrystal, Superintendent of Planning and Facilities; Jamie McCracken, Director of Education; Ernie Wilson, Supervisor of Construction; Kathy Ablett, Chairperson of the Board; Catherine Maguire-Urban, Trustee; and Marcello Bottiglia, Superintendent of Schools.

    Sod turning kids
    Children: (not in order) Mirjana Villeneuve, St. Jerome; Jack McElheran, St. Bernard; Jessica Briglio, St. Thomas More School; Sydney Depper, Frank Ryan Catholic Senior Elementary School; Jennifer Magel, St. Patrick’s High School; Juliana McLaren, St. Patrick’s Intermediate School; Gillian Bender and Sarah Nelson, St. Mark High School; and Pat Chiarelio, St. Pius X High School.


    Last Updated: 2009-08-10