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    Immaculata student serves President Obama a Beavertail



    Grade 12 Immaculata High School student Jessica Milien has experienced a memorable encounter with US President Barack Obama.


    Jessica headed out as usual to her after-school job on February 19 at the Byward Market Beavertails shop when, without prior notice, the Canadian trademark Beavertails shop was contacted to see if they could accommodate a quick visit from President Obama on his fist visit to Canada as President. The request was made to have a tasty snack prepared quickly to serve him.  The question was posed, “Could they have it done in time?”


    Jessica rose to the occasion, and quickly prepared the beavertail.  Of course, this was the perfect occasion to make the “Obamatail” – a concoction of fried dough covered in cinnamon sugar, topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and maple butter in the shape of an “O”.  Jessica was escorted around the building to where the President made his rendezvous with her to pick up his snack.  President Obama asked Jessica if she was interested in having her photo taken with him.  Of course, Jessica was delighted, and they continued to have a conversation about Ottawa’s winter delicacy, the Beavertail, while photographers snapped away.


    Poised and collected, Jessica is seen in this photo having a very coherent conversation with President Obama.  She is now the envy of her peers, and her teachers! What a memorable moment!


    Jessica's photo can be seen along with others here:


    Last Updated: 2009-08-14