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    The Ottawa Catholic School Board's Accessibility Committee works to promote the dignity and value of the whole person through identifying and addressing barriers for persons with disabilities among its students, staff and visitors. The committee was initiated in concordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) legislation and is comprised of representative members of employee groups and members at large who meet several times per year.

    View our Board's Accessibility Policy >>

    Disruption of Service Notice

    Many Board and school facilities are equipped with services that enhance accessibility, including service ramps and elevators. Occasionally, these services are rendered unavailable due to a malfunction or other interruption. In the event that one of these services is disrupted, the Board or school facility will post a Disruption of Service Notice inside the building, as well as on their website, in an effort to keep staff and visitors fully informed until service can be restored. Active Disruption of Service Notices will be also posted here:


      Location   Disruption

      Active Notice

     March 27, 2012   

     Frank Ryan Sr Elem  Chair Lift is currently out of service as of February 22, 2012


     June 6, 2011

     St. Pius X High  The elevator in 'B' building is out of service.

    Service restored June 30, 2012

     May 6, 2011

     St. Pius X High  The elevator in 'A' building is out of service.

    Service restored June 3, 2011

     March 1, 2011

     Catholic Education Centre  The elevator in building B is out of service. The second floor is accessible via the elevator in building C.

     Service restored March 11, 2011

     December 1, 2010

      Mother Teresa High   The handicapped lift that provides access to the stage is presently not operational.

     Service restored
    May 9, 2011

    Accessibility Standards Online Workshop

    The Accessibility Standards online workshop provides a short overview of how we can best assist persons with disabilities, the accessibility standards in place at the Ottawa Catholic School Board, and a Certificate of Completion (that can be printed) at the end of the workshop.  

     Go to our Board's Accessibility Standards Online Training Workshop >>

    Accessibility Plan

    The Board's official Accessibility Plan serves to fulfill its obligations to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and the Ontario Disability Act (ODA) by establishing and implementing necessary practices and procedures. The Accessibility Plan is a “living document” that is continuously reviewed and sculptured to reflect the evolving needs of our staff, students and visitors. During the last several years, there have been a several initiatives at the Ottawa Catholic School Board to identify, remove, and prevent barriers to people with disabilities, and the Board continues to work towards providing full access to all Board properties by 2025.

     View our Board's current Accessibility Plan >>

    Accessible Information and Communications

    This webpage serves as a valuable resource tool, providing timely access to information. Visitors to our website can increase the font size of the content using any website browser (Internet Explorer, Firerox etc.) by clicking on the View menu, and selecting a different Text Size. Users can also magnify the content using the Page button in the Browser menu (near the URL address bar) and selecting a different Zoom, up to 400%.

     Visit the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services website on Accessibility >>

    Protocol for Service Animals

    The Board is pleased to accommodate persons with a disability who are accompanied by their guide dog or service animal in those areas of the premises owned or operated by the Board which are open to the public, unless another law excludes the animal. If law excludes the permission of a service animal, then the Board will use other measures to provide services to the person with a disability.

    To be considered a service animal under the Customer Service Standard, O. Reg 429/07, it must be either readily apparent (obvious by its appearance or what it is doing) that the animal is being used because of a person’s disability or the person with a disability must provide a letter from a physician or a medical practitioner that it is required because of their disability.

    Contact the Accessibility Committee

    Phone: 613-224-4455, ext 2306
    Fax: 613-224-1874

    Mail to: Ottawa Catholic School Board, c/o Accessibility Committee
    570 West Hunt Club Road, Nepean, Ontario K2G 3R4 

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