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    The Ottawa Catholic School Board Children’s Choir was founded in 1991 with the goal of providing an opportunity for the musical children of the Board to sing in an Honours group.  Since its inception, the Board Choir has evolved and expanded into four different choral groups - the Children's Choir, the Chamber Choir, the Boys' Choir, and the Young Voices Choir.  The goal remains the same today – emphasis is placed on performance.  The Choirs perform annual concerts both at Christmas and in the spring, and sing for Board celebrations as well as several other functions each year.

    The Choirs' repertoire includes classical works for children’s chorus, folk songs of many lands sung in many languages, works of Canadian composers, and some contemporary music.  Together, the Board Children's Choir and the Chamber Choir have released three CD’s – Light of the World, Shine, and, most
    recently, Joy (released December 2010).  Read more about the choirs' CD's >>

    In addition to its annual concerts, the Choirs receive invitations to perform in various venues such as the N.A.C., the National Gallery, the House of Commons, the National Library, the National War Museum, the National Military Cemetery, many area churches, as well as fund raisers throughout the city.

    The Choirs have travelled to Festivals in Niagara Falls, Kingston, Moncton and Montreal. Our Choirs compete in the Ottawa Kiwanis Music Festival every year, many times winning the Luella Barrigar Trophy for Folk Song Chorus and the Ken Little Memorial Trophy as well as Choral Scholarships. Read about our first place win at the 2010 Ottawa Kiwanis Music Festival >>

    Many new and exciting opportunities are in store for this year. We invite everyone to come and hear the award-winning voices of our Choir. We are sure you will enjoy it.

    Information for Choir Members

     Children's Choir

     Chamber Choir

     Boy's Choir

     September 2011 newsletter

    December 2011 newsletter

    Fall 2011 newsletter

     Fall 2011 newsletter


      Practice material for choir members >>

    Choir Organization

    The Ottawa Catholic School Board has 4 choirs. Click on the links to read more details about each choir.

    Children's Choir

    Chamber Choir

    Boys' Choir 

     Young Voices Choir

     80 students

     40 students

    approx. 25 students  

     40-50 students

    grades 4-8

     grades 7-12

     grades 4-12

      grades 4-8

    Rehearsals are once per week, with additional practices one Saturday morning each month.  During rehearsals, the children learn:

     Choral technique Voice projection  Sight singing  Phrasing and diction 
     Breath support  Tone blending  Ear training  Performance styles

    All Choir members are expected to pay an annual registration fee of $75. The rest of the expenses of the Choirs are covered by Board support, proceeds from performances, and fund raising. 


    Audition letter

    Information letters concerning auditions are sent every Spring to all Board students in grades 4-6.                    

    Auditions will be held in September 2011.                   


    Contact the School Board Choir


    For further information, or to request a performance, please contact:
    MaryAnn Dunn
    Student Success Department
    Phone: (613) 224-4455, ext 2245                                                                              


    Last Updated: 2012-02-07